Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Services

Beta Pro, Inc. prides itself in providing cost-efficient services to the growing demands of the litigation community.  Our services are state-of-the-art, while remaining rooted in traditional engineering and scientific principles.

  • Accident reconstruction, site investigation and accident analyses
  • Accident reconstruction for cases involving pedestrians, automobiles, motorcycles, trucks and trailers
  • Accident reconstruction and visibility studies of nighttime accidents
  • Pre- and post-crash speed analysis
  • Skid mark evaluation
  • Three-dimensional laser measurement of the accident site
  • Vehicle crush measurements, analysis and interpretation
  • Vehicle event data recorder (black box) download, analysis and interpretation
  • Two- and three-dimensional accident animations

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Call us for your case to benefit from our more than 30 years and over 500 cases of experience in personal injury and product liability.

Client Comment:

It has been my pleasure in the past to have had the outstanding engineering and accident reconstruction services and expertise of Dr. Marshek and other members of your excellent firm in the successful defense of automobile collision personal injury cases and a very significant nighttime automobile pedestrian death case.

Skid Marks