Research and Testing

Research on Technical Subjects for Litigation and other Projects

Beta Pro, Inc. provides Internet and/or library research to find and identify information related to various technical subjects.

Over the past 13 years Beta Pro has conducted numerous Internet and library “literature” searches for clients. The list includes determining how horsepower is measured in a Sea-Doo; expected vehicle damage caused by a vehicle impact with a concrete median barrier; alternative design of couplers for trailers; railroad accident statistics; post hole digger designs; etc. Our custom searches cover technical topics ranging from A to Z.

Please contact us to discuss your technical information search need.

Testing and Experimentation for Litigation and other Projects

Beta Pro, Inc. provides independent, reliable experimental data in testing of vehicles and products.

We have conducted numerous tests and experiments for clients. The list includes life-cycle failure tests of high pressure hose; thermal heating of vehicle hydraulic systems; high speed failure tests of grinding wheels; skid tests on asphalt, grass, and caliche; radiant heaters temperature distribution on carpeted surfaces; etc.

Outside of the litigation area we have conducted tests on everything from ATVs to camshaft roller chains.

We have consulting engineers with impeccable credentials and with over 30 years of experience in conducting verifiable experiments.

Please contact us for your experimental testing needs, from motorcycles, ATVs and SUVs to household and industrial products.

Tractor with post hole digger