Product Development

Our capabilities

We are capable of developing prototypes or one-of-a-kind mechanical devices, apparatus and machines in areas of sporting goods, recreation, construction, printing, ... you name it!

Our experience includes the development of numerous devices, apparatus, and machines for measuring, evaluating, testing, and improving products and machines that influence and make a contribution to society. Just a few of the components, devices and machines are listed below.

Things we have done in the past

Our consultants have developed mechanical components such as gears, chains, sprockets, bearings, couplings, etc; and have designed, developed and fabricated test machines for evaluating roller and silent chains and sprockets, gears, gear actuators, flat belts, worm gear speed reducers, flexible hinge type fasteners, water and hydraulic hoses, etc.

Our consultants have developed and patented:

  1. A device for evaluating abrasive wear of elastomeric O-ring materials (4,404,840)
  2. A machine for testing chain and sprocket type drive systems (4,413,513),
  3. A single-pole hunting stand (4,674,598),
  4. An eccentric differential screw actuating, torque multiplying and speed changing device (4,723,453)
  5. An abrasive grinding belt test machine (4,762,005),
  6. An apparatus for measuring the normal and tangential forces on flat belts in contact with pulleys (4,841,783),
  7. A thrust powered golf club (5,971,864).

Things we do now

We have been involved with the development of an improved design for automotive power and timing belt chains, detachable gooseneck couplings, rollators, worm gear speed reducers, roller truss manufacturing systems, rounder clothes racks, horse trailer window mechanisms, oil field swivels, utility bucket truck swivels, jump ropes and handles, pickup tailgate cables, glass tables, platform truck carts, egress ladder systems, etc.

We are currently involved in the development of software for making measurements from photographs and developing software for calculating vehicle speed from vehicle crush damage.

Whom can we do this for?

We can provide products and machines for a host of clients involved in industry, retail, business, government, manufacturing, production, construction, agribusiness, energy, automobile, biotechnology, brewing industry, chemical industry, clothing industry, consumer products, electronics, emerging technologies, energy industries, electric power, food and beverage, injection molding, industrial design, industrial controls, machine tools, medical devices, nanotechnology, metalworking, pharmaceutical, plastics, semiconductor, telecommunications, transportation, welding, and woodworking.

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