Intellectual Property Services

Dr. Kurt Marshek is one of our top mechanical engineers in the areas of mechanical patents and mechanical intellectual property.

He has studied patent claims and examined machines and components to determine if they fall within the scope of the claims, and viewed the operation to determine if the methods of operation are within the scope of the claims.

He has studied alleged trade secrets associated with components and machines to determine whether the alleged trade secrets were, in his opinion, trade secrets and whether the components and machines utilized and/or employed these trade secrets.

He has written reports and examined reports of other experts, and has reviewed the prior art with respect to alleged infringing patents.

Dr. Marshek has worked on intellectual property cases involving machines for manufacturing surgical needles, linear wire feeders for welding, chain drive systems for vehicles, and others – See Patent, Trademark, and Intellectual Property Cases.

Call us for exceptional assistance with your intellectual property case.

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